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Download the Naz Naz template, the free version, latest update 2021

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Download the Naz Naz template, the free version, latest update 2021

the Naz Naz template

 Today I suggest you download the Naz Blogger Template for free, as the Free version of Naz is a professional and versatile blogger template, but it is more geared towards tech blogging. Prepared and customized for Blogger's blogging platform, it has new features and is elegantly designed, responsive to any browser and suitable for all screen sizes. It is characterized by its light, simple and fast design. 

Naz Free Edition Template Professional Edition and Blogger Template for All Sites and Domains Unique look and design, unfortunately, the default blogging templates from Blogger are not suitable for most blogger users. , They are unprofessional, do not contain enough plugins, and are not tested by Google's SEO. Hence the importance of obtaining a good blogger template that meets the requirements of the modern era fits with the taste of the site owner, as well as is attractive to users who browse the site. 

Many foreign sites offer free and professional templates, but most of them are encrypted to protect the rights of the template programmer, and foreign templates usually need an Arabization process because their terms are in English, so the programmer replaces them with the corresponding words in Arabic. 

In this template that I put in your hands, you will find what suits you, it is a beautiful and free professional template, accepted by AdSense and has beautiful colours and responds to different devices, it is also fast to browse and designed with the latest HTML, CSS and jQuery code. Now I leave you with the features of this template and how to download it. 

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Features of the Naz Naz template:

  • The template is completely free from search and archive errors. 
  • Supports encrypted HTTPS connection for the free domain and supports installing an SSL certificate for the paid domain. 
  • You have the ability to enable and disable template extensions. 
  • Support customization and change of different colours and shapes in the template to display the elements in an organized way. 
  • Fully responsive to all screens, phones and tablets. 
  • Compatible with all browsers and contains all Almita codes according to SEO standards. 
  • A powerful and lightweight dashboard that eliminates the need for HTML code modification. 
  • Support all languages as soon as you change the blog language. 
  • Links, index and conversion archive page. 
  • Table navigation and article splitting property. 
  • The internal search function on the site with the latest update. 
  • The possibility of placing ads in all sections of the blog (more than 26 places). 
  • Read also feature. 
  • Supporting profit sharing and sharing system. 
  • Multiple authors support. 
  • Support Blogger article splitting function. 
  • Free technical support and updates. 
  • And more, you can discover for yourself.



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