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How to convert an Android phone to an iPhone XS Max without root 2021

How to convert an Android phone to an iPhone XS Max without root

How to convert an Android phone to an iPhone XS Max without root 2021
How to convert an Android phone to an iPhone XS Max without root 2021

 Convert an Android phone to an iPhone without root

Of course, you cannot have heard before about iPhone phones, those phones that are quite expensive, but in the end, they offer you terrible capabilities compared to any other phone, and perhaps this idea had you, dear reader, and that you feel the burning desire to try a phone Yvonne, but you do not have the price to buy it, or you want to acquire one, and for this, you want to experiment, to make sure of its splendour and to learn the mechanism of its use as well before buying, all of this we provide to you in our article this is our visitors to our site.

Here is a way to convert an Android phone to an iPhone without root, as we will completely convert the phone to iPhone XS Max through very easy and simple steps, and you do not need any root, or be an expert in doing these steps, as the IOS system is one of the attractive aspects. For users, as if you have seen it before, you will know how much you like it compared to the Android system you are working on now, as the system provides you with access to a clean interface, that orderly interface, which is full of colors.

As for before discussing the method of transferring between Android to iPhone without root, we need to know the following steps, which are very important to clarify some things for you, dear reader, and my dear sister, as our steps do not change the basic phone operating system from Android to IOS, or even changing the current interface dedicated to working on the phone, whether it is the Samsung Experience interface or even the EMUI interface for the interfaces that we see in the iPhone phones, but in fact all we will do is change some things for the purpose of simulation from In terms of the look that you will see and the feeling that you will feel if you already have an iPhone, and if you follow the steps, the Android phone will notice that it is running the ios12 system with full strength and flexibility, and in the case of boredom, you can change the settings again to restore the look of your Android phone.

1) Download the iPhone XS Launcher Emulator app

The first step that we will resort to converting our Android phone into a real iPhone is to install some applications and adjust their settings to reach the main step, and to facilitate this, application developers have provided many applications that emulate other phone operating systems such as Nova Launcher and other themes The other, but we will in this explanation download the applications that were programmed by LuuTinh, this terrible developer in the work whose simulated application Launcher IOS 13 has received many downloads and a terrible admiration for it, for this we will start by downloading the launcher application to simulate the shape and appearance of iPhone phones: Click here To download the application Launcher IOS 13 from Google Play.

After downloading the application, we immediately install it on the phone, then open the application, the fact the application will require from you several powers for it to work well, you must give it full powers with approval, and in fact you can reject it as well, but you must know that in case of rejection Some specific permissions, the application may cause some basic functions of the phone to not work, such as seeing the current weather temperatures and others.

After installing and granting the powers, we go completely to the Launcher iPhone XS menu, then click on the Wall Paper, we choose one of the backgrounds provided by the launcher application, select the wallpaper that suits you, and set it for the home screen or lock screen, then we click on IOS Launcher, and from Then, Always, let's make it the main and default app for the phone interface, to give you the full experience of all the mechanisms of the iPhone.

And the last step is to activate the famous IOS notifications feature, and to activate this option, after opening the application, we go to the application settings, and then Notification Badges, and we activate the notifications option by pressing the Allow button.

2) Add control buttons via the iPhone XS Control Center app

Now that our Android phone is completely iPhone XS, all that remains for us to do is add the control buttons, which are famous for the iPhone phones, which are the control centre of the phone's functions, as the programmer himself was also able to provide the emulator application IOS 13 Luancher, it also provided The application is completely identical to the Control Center property, this feature is to make the iPhone settings completely live for a complete switch between an Android phone to an iPhone, and it is quite similar to the Quick Settings menu on Android phones: Click here to download the Control Center IOS 13 app for Android from Google Play.

After downloading the application and installing it, we open the application and then click on the Position option that we find in the main menu settings, and press Bottom, to access to use various gesture operations like the iPhone, just like dragging from the bottom to the top to open the Control Center just like all iPhones. Thus, we have finished the second step to convert Android to iPhone without root.

3) Add control by gestures and gestures, such as iPhone Gesture Controls

The XDA team has developed a very wonderful application, this application through which allows you the gestures system, completely identical to the gestures system in the iPhone Xs phones, in fact, some of the gestures are similar to the same gestures that were used in the Android Bay system, all we have to do is to By installing the application, and after downloading and installing it from Google Play, we will adjust some specific settings related to the application, so that we will finally be able to navigate between all parts of the phone through clouds and gestures only: Click here to download the Gesture Controls application from the Google Play.

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After downloading and installing the application, we open the application through the main screen and then press the right arrow at the bottom of the screen to skip the first step information, and on the second page, the application requires us to allow it to access some of the settings, to grant it some accessibility powers that allow it It performs all its functions completely, without any problems, such as switching the icons in the default navigation bar for Android with the same icon bar on all iPhone phones, then we click on the Grant option, and then we activate the command on the next page, and after activating the command on the next page, the application returns to us. Second to the first page.

If you want to hide the navigation bar completely, you must go to the next page of the application, as it will require us to enter some ADB commands to hide the current bar, and for this, you need to download and install ADB FastBoot tools on the computer, and then we will do the patch mode Debugging Mode, and we make sure that the phone definitions are installed, then we resort to the location of the files that we downloaded, and then we open the ADB command window via CMD, and after connecting the phone we write the following command lines, or paste them completely:

httadb shell pm grant com.xda.nobar android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGSps://mohamedovic.com/completely-turn-your-android-device-into-iphone-xs-max/